China digital packages

We designed 3 levels of strategy: Online, O2O (Online2Offline) & Offline.

China digital packages

Chinese consumers have their own digital ecosystem, therefore adapt your business to China social media and platforms.

Eggsist, China Digital Consulting, supports western brands, retailers and companies from the travel industry
in Reaching, Attracting and Tracking Chinese travellers in order to Convert them into your clients!

Why our packages?

  • Reach

    through the first package you will be able to  engage Chinese consumer online and gain visibility on China’s platforms & social media.

  • Attract

    choosing the second package you will be able to drive the Chinese consumer directly to your point of sales, shop, hotels or tourist attractions.

  • Track

    your customer through offline activities and convert them into your online followers.

China Digital Solutions for European retailers and businesses

3 EGGsist China digital packages

Reach your unique China audience

Be China Digital and raise your visibility online choosing from China social media and tourism platforms

Attract Chinese consumers and drive them to your destination, city, hotel or shops.

From 8,000£

Attract your Chinese consumers O2O China Digital Package

Drive your potential travelers/shoppers directly to your point of sales, hotel, and tourist attractions. Geo-localize your store, let Chinese users pre-book your services, engage them through coupons & discounts, affiliate them through KOL and make them live a unique shopping experience.

From 1,000£

Track your Chinese shoppers Offline China Digital Package

Increase your transaction and attract Chinese tourists travelling in your country, implementing the Chinese digital payment in your store, organizing dedicated events and converting your offline clients into online.

Be Offline2Online!

From 500£

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