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EGGsist among the trusted agencies of DesignRush!

DesignRush is your guide to finding the best professional agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise. Businesses need to find professional partners who have the necessary knowledge, trustworthy team members and proven track record of success. But this arduous task is time-consuming and unrefined. In DesignRush’s Agency Listing section, users can further search for a

China Gaming Industry

CChina’s gaming industry remains a global powerhouse, boasting significant growth in mobile gaming revenue and expanding international presence. Super apps such as Alipay are diversifying their services to include gaming experiences across China. 🎮 China takes the top spot for number of gamers, totaling 668 million people. From 2024 to 2029 the Chinese gaming sector

China’s anti-aging market is booming !

China’s anti-aging market is booming due to factors like an aging population, increasing wealth, and cultural emphasis on youthful appearance. This growth spans skincare innovations, medical procedures, and supplements, offering significant opportunities for both domestic and foreign players amidst evolving regulations and consumer trends. — to read the full article click the image below👇 This

‘Get to know asian consumers’

The article ‘Get To Know the Asian Consumers of 2024’ posted recently on Retail in Asia website, discusses the findings of a survey conducted across Asian markets focusing on the perceptions of luxury brands among Asian consumers amidst global instability and economic uncertainties. Major trends that emerged from the report: 🛍️Value Appreciation: There is a

Wordline Italia – a pool of digital savvies, gathered together at this interesting event

Yesterday a pool of digital savvies, gathered together at this interesting event in Milan organized by Worldline Italia, featuring the Alipay+ data, solutions and market insights and Global Blue Italia latest survey results and shopping trends. Do you want to discover more about digital payments and in APP marketing solutions O2O? EGGsist, OfficialAlipay+ Marketing Partner,

Alibaba Film Industry, With the recent conclusion of the Oscars

the entertainment business has been a very hot topic in the media! It’s very common for Chinese films, filmmakers, or actors to have a presence at the Oscars, whether through nominations or participation in various categories. 🎬 Recently, Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is set to undergo a transformative wave, fueled by Alibaba’s ambitious investment plans.

As February draws to a close, the Chinese luxury fashion and travel market

experienced a surge in consumer spending and travel activity during the Chinese New Year festivities. With a burgeoning consumer base, Chinese shoppers are significantly influencing global luxury sales while simultaneously driving innovation and demand in multiple sectors.   Here are some key elements and updates of the consumer spending trends: During China’s peak travel season,

Did you know in China, Easter isn’t celebrated?

However, the “EGG” holds significant symbolism, representing the beginning of everything. In Chinese the word 蛋 (dàn) means EGG, and as a cultural symbol it represents the beginning of life and creation. 盘古 (Pángǔ) is a significant figure in Chinese mythology associated with the creation of the world. According to legend, Pangu emerged from the

Here’s the answers: CTRIP

According to the China Tourism Academy, the growth of Chinese tourism is estimated to reach 140 million outbound trips in 2024, so how could international brands use this to their advantage to engage their target consumers? Here’s the answers:  CTRIP In today’s digitally connected world, the key touchpoint to reach new customers is through Chinese

Alipay+ Digital Marketing Solutions

The mobile payment market size is growing with a CAGR of 24.5 % (compared to the size of 2020), and will reach USD 5399.6 billion by 2026. Mobile payment merchants (from several industries) possessing a unified checkout service can benefit from sales increase and conversion. On top, users can also benefit from payment aggregation, single


HOW GENERATION Z ENJOYS SHOPPING EXPERIENCES The objective of this report is to conduct a comparison of digital payments, focusing on Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) in the USA and China. We sought to create a deeper understanding of the daily spending habits among individuals of the same age but from diverse cultures. To ensure

What does Spring Festival mean to YOU?

    To ME:  I have seen all kinds of people, I have seen the most beautiful sceneryThe most touching view.  I have heard the most enchanting sound.The most emotional beat. I have smelled winter drizzles and summer sweats. The perfume of spring and the romance of  winter.. But the most memorable of them all remains   the unique

3 weeks from China’s biggest Online Shopping Festival: 双十一 Double 11

    Few words about double 11 since 2009 became the most important online shopping festival in China. At first, it was created by eCommerce giant Alibaba (parent company of Tmall, Taobao, etc ) and it featured various products discounts with the excuse of giving more buying incentives to “single souls” (单身) in order to find

China Golden Week

    China Golden Week is over and despite the normalization of covid-19 prevention and control measures, many Chinese are satisfied with how they spent these last 7 days of vacation.     But does this general impression reflect the numbers? Although it may seem a cliché, but “the numbers don’t lie, and they don’t care about

Dubai Expo 2020

 The World Expo is an exhibition of the World, an international fair designed to showcase each nation’s greatest achievements. Truly a moment to celebrate earth and us.      Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was selected to host the next World Expo in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was postponed to 2021 and now is

Be digital choose EGGsist: your digital partner for the Chinese market

Welcome to Europe’s leading marketing event, connecting the most proactive marketing professionals with the tools, techniques and innovations they need to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of marketing. Research the market, learn about new innovations and discover the latest strategies and trends to progress and develop your marketing in our unique educational

Let’s celebrate together the power of LOVE and the willingness to travel back all around the world.

Traveling together, visiting new places, discovering different cultures, trying local delicacies, all things that we used to take for granted, but now seem distant and foreign to us. In China, and throughout Asia, Qixi Festival is a very important day (this year will be on 14.08.2021); a day in which people celebrate the triumph of love over the

Why June 18th (618) became a Shopping Festival?

What is 618?  618 is the second largest and most important Shopping Festival in China. Every year from June 1st till June  18th , China’s e-commerce landscape is filled with large-scale promotional activities and discounts on the hottest products of the moment.  Why June 18th (618) became a Shopping Festival?     June 18th  is the

520 Chinese Internet Valentine’s Day

Are numbers just numbers? Well, not really. Everyone has their own favorite number, it could be a birthday date, your wedding day, a number that brought you luck in the past, wherever the reason may be, one thing is certain is that they are not just simple numbers for us.        Chinese people also do

Latest News!

Are you searching for #news, #tips, and #trends from #China? Then, check this out! #Shanghai#Fashion Week’s FW 2021 edition, titled “Bloom the Spring”, kicked off on April 6th. During the 8-day program, 100-plus #physical runway shows took the stage at four different venues across the city. But, they didn’t forget about the ever-growing role played by #livecommerce: through “Shanghai Fashion and Lifestyle Carnival” brands

直播 – Livestreaming Updates

#Ecommerce#livestreaming has experienced massive growth from late 2019 and became one of the most profitable #sales strategies. Many of you may be wondering: how long will this trend last? Are Chinese consumers more likely to move on to the next big trend? Not really! Few figures to picture the actual potential of this channel: #Coresight estimates that #livecommerce GMV in China

白色情人节: White San Valentine’s Day

Do Chinese people celebrate just one #Valentine’s Day? The answer, as many of you already know, is not really!In fact, in China, there are six different occasions to celebrate lovers. Now, we are getting closer to another one: guess what it is? …One little hint: today we’re talking about #白色情人节. In Asian countries, 14th March, known as #White Valentine’s

女王节 3.8 Queen’s Day

Before we dive into the marketing campaigns now live across various channels and platforms, it’s important to understand the context of International Women’s Day in China! International Women’s Day has been recognized in China since 1949. But the day’s significance has moved away from female empowerment for the country’s e-commerce retailers over recent years –

What does it mean to be born during the Ox year?

The Ox year is coming next week! Here’s just a brief cultural insight. Chinese zodiac signs tell a little about your personality, love, careers, and more. Let’s discover what does it mean to be born during the year of the ox. If you are born, for example, in 2009, 1997, 1985, 1961, your sign is Ox.

10 years of WeChat history

Since 2011, WeChat has revolutionized the way Chinese people communicate and use digital devices. We want to celebrate a decade of WeChat influence with this EGGsist insight, which dives into the growth strategy that led to its milestones and aspirational achievements.  Let’s check how this APP grew to be one of the most popular social

3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. In less than one month will start the Ox year (牛年) and we’ll say goodbye to the little mouse (鼠鼠). Here are three key things to watch to getting prepared for this CNY 2020. Niche brands Being a small brand could be an initial obstacle, but recent research has

New trends in KOL 2021 marketing in China

A few key trends to watch for 2021 business in China: Before thinking about this trend we mustn’t forget about the big shift towards e-Commerce and live-streaming as a key interactive and profitable way to attract users, make them interact with your brand and make them buy.  You can of course organize your own livestreaming

Discover the biggest Chinese taxfree island: Sanya

In 2020, despite pandemic hurdles, the travel shopping industry in China resumed growth, already from Q2; in fact,  from the beginning of May (Labour day holidays), there were over 80 million people travelling domestically, while during the Golden Week holidays (first week of October) over 637 million people travelled and spent over 68.8 bn US$. 

2021 China Big Trends

We love looking forward, and this is the right time to talk about a few new trends that will shape next year’s China Marketing! 2020 have reshaped the world and built some new habits, that will be the new normal starting with the vcommerce. 5G faster expanding, allowing better streaming quality in China will transform

12.12 is more than another shopping festival

Between Christmas and Double 11, the shopping season secret is  Double 12 (双十二).  So many brands are ignoring this big opportunity, but here’s why you should get this commercial festival into consideration: 12.12 makes e-tailers and C2C users to take advantage of the double11 sales craze. eCommerce platforms such as Secoo and Taobao promoted their

Ji Won Choi x Secoo powered by EGGsist

During double 12 celebration live streaming from 寺库 SECOO the first live into the Chinese market of Ji Won Choi, check out our backstage and meet the designer! Ji says: “Through every garment, I wish to tell a story of cultural diversity and craftsmanship that I hope anyone can connect with. Each artisan and every small factory

What’s a WeChat store?

According to China Internet Watch, online retail sales in Q3 2020 exceeded 8 trillion yuan, a year over year growth of 9.7%. But that’s not the end of good news: since January 2020, over 6 trillion yuan worth of goods were sold online, accounting for over 24% growth YoY. The rapid advancement of digital reality

How to GOLIVE? The latest solution for live streaming shopping by EGGsist is here!

Nowadays retail and digital channels need to team up to reach the same goals! EGGsist, can support you to make it happen directly from your points of sales or showrooms; thanks to our advanced technology you could reach a wider target audience and boost your O2O turnover! Let’s discover it together… And there’s more… Live Shopping Experience  Easy integration with your

Tiktok vs. Douyin, which are the main differences?

Maybe you’ve heard that “Douyin is not Tiktok” even if they look almost the same. There’s a fundamental difference for Chinese users of 抖音 (Douyin) there’s plenty of incredible features and great opportunities for brands to shine in the Chinese market! Douyin growth in China seems unstoppable. Still being the most downloaded app in China,

Double 11 2020 impressive record

Double 11 2020 has been extremely successful. Performances have surpassed expectations, over 74 bn US$ GMV were generated. All payments were processed through Alipay. And Over 30k international brands were involved, this was the biggest online shopping ever in the world.  Over 2 million new products were being launched, twice as much compared to 2019 

Double 11 + CBEC a secret formula to win the market

Are you ready for this year double11 online shopping festival? It’s just one month from now! But, why you should care about #chinese singles’ day? Here are some key facts about Double11 or 光棍节 (guān gùn jié).  Since 2009, when it was launched by Tmall, this shopping festival was record-breaking (Alizilla).  In 2013 11.11 results surpassed

Why SEA in China is important for your China strategy?

Why should you double-down on China’s digital marketing strategies this year? Despite a general stagnant situation, China has found its way to “recover” and start to grow again. In fact, Chinese shoppers spent big during the Golden week holiday and this has an important consequence: consumptions are back on the mend! This is not only

Why you should keep an eye on the Chinese Golden week?

Today people are celebrating one of the most important festivals in China, better known as 中秋节 (zhongqiu jie), or also called “Moon Festival”.  This year will be combined with the National Day, which is to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949! Starting from the 1st of October start an important week for the tourism

Mid-autumn festival from legend one of the most beloved Chinese is evolving

Everyone is now gearing for one of the most celebrated festivals in China, better known as 中秋节, or also called Moon festival Like many other cultural celebrations, Mid-Autumn Festival is shrouded in myth: the most popular one is the love story between Chang’e 嫦娥 and Hou Yi 后羿. This occasion takes place annually on the

EGGsist at the International Seminar on Digital Trade & Innovation Resources Partnership

Thanks to 761C Space Beijing Technology Development Ltd and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology for inviting us at their event. Alice Di Diego, EGGsist Managing Partner, delivered her speech during the International Seminar on Digital Trade & Innovation Resources Partnership. Today we’ve shown how effectively Western brands can use China digital social

There’s more beyond Chinese New Year – Get our Business FREE guide

The Chinese market is an unmissable opportunity for brands aiming to expand: the explosion of the upper-middle-class in China will be the driving force for luxury brands, leading to an almost doubling of luxury spending by 2025, when Chinese consumers are expected to account for 40% of the global luxury market… #BeyondCNY is a comprehensive report aiming to

618 sales skyrocketed. A few insights from a promising Chinese commercial festival

618 mid-year online shopping festival 2020 has been extremely successful! Here’s some results and key facts: eCommerce such as TMall, Taobao, Suning and JD have reached over 136 bn US$ in total. Over 200,000 brands participated in this year’s 618 festival. This year 618 festival confirms being the second biggest commercial festival by revenue and

Alipay Super App, Discover the O2O marketing & fintech solutions!

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A shopping lover festival for lovers, 520 Valentine’s day

In Chinese, numbers can communicate an entire message!For example, on the 20th of May in China, lovers celebrate their day. Why? “520” is another Valentine Day in China because it sounds phonetically very close to “I Love You”, 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ). But when you pronounce it, make sure to say each word individually, because saying

What’s the Revenge Shopping ? A new Chinese trend

This is a new post pandemic trend. People are eager to buy more, after a long lockdown period.

The future of e-commerce: social-commerce

Due to the unique digital landscape, China’s largest e-commerce platforms had to find a way to support brands with “Direct to Consumers” (DTC) e-commerce presence and it did it with the integration of social media + e-commerce = social commerce.
According to this general overview, we can easily understand that the 2 players of this latest EGGsist digital match, are traditional e-commerce vs social-commerce.
Let’s see together what social-commerce means and how it has changed the journey buyer and user interactions into e-commerce platforms.

Choose your China contact-less solutions

During these days of in-store stalls, a lot of Italian companies are dealing with digital transformation but are them all well prepared?The traditional brick-and-mortar business models are still looking for their “way” to embrace digital technology to boost efficiency and improve the customer experience.

2nd match: KOL marketing Vs Influencer marketing

Kol (Key Opinion Leader) or KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) are the effective communicator to sponsor and attract in-target audience to your brand or business. How?

1st match of EGGsist digital game: Live-streaming

Recently, Chinese consumers’ habits have been “changed”! Although the outbreak, Western brands should keep on communicating with their Chinese consumers. The question loads of people are trying to answer to is “HOW”: how to engage them, how to “speak” with them?

What’s Social Commerce? Get our new insight

The booming mobile generations and the penetration of social media are fuelling the growth of social commerce. Therefore, social commerce has to adapt to the re-shaping consumer behavior and creates platforms that could integrate not only e-commerce features but also social ones. The content is always the king, but the starting point of the sales

EGGsist at B2B Marketing Expo London 2020

What are the new China digital strategies? From active promotion to active involvement: a new online strategy to engage your Chinese Audience and design a new interactive digital strategy! Launch your products on China market: discover the Chinese live-streaming platforms and the engagement power of KOL Boost your awareness: plan a strategic content on China

EGGsist at Hong Kong Trade Development Council

EGGsist is pleased to have been invited yesterday to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s event in Milan. It has been an event on the occasion of the Year of the #Rat, a moment to meet experts in the sector, stay updated, and also talk about the impact of Coronavirus on the international business. Gianluca Mirante –Direct Italy of

EGGsist celebrated Rat’s year at Deodato Arte’s gallery

EGGsist celebrated the Year of the Rat 鼠 with an O2O Cocktail event! This was an occasion to meet clients and partners and an opportunity to network and promote O2O (online to offline), a key strategy for Chinese digital marketing. The event was held in the well known Deodato Arte Gallery in Milan, who thanks

The little mouse has arrived

Finally, the little mouse 鼠鼠 has landed in his year!Are you ready for your China 2O2O digital strategy? Check the full episodes of EGGsist CNY video series and share it with your Chinese clients to wish them Happy Chinese New Year! 鼠年快乐!

EGGsist at ICI General Annual Meeting 2018

EGGsist has been invited to participate in this remarkable meeting in Tianjin last week, and I was honored to be one of the speakers at the session of Opportunities along the Belt and Road during the 2-day event, which is formed as a multilateral dialogue workshop, where the participants had the chance to meet both international and

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