Inbound Tourism

Eggsist can design and develop targeted initiatives to attract and increase loyalty of incoming chinese tourists.

Digital strategies to attract Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are more than 150 millions all over the world. In Europe: UK, Germany, France and Italy are the leading destinations.

Eggsist, Alipay Marketing Partner, supports companies through digital O2O strategies to attract Chinese consumers in stores, in Europe, Italy, UK.

Speak the same language

The first barrier that usually gets in between the chinese incoming tourists and your offer is the language barrier. Eggsist will turn what was before a limit into an opportunity.

Different communication channels

The second barrier comes with the habit of Chinese people of retrieve information on channels that are far different from the ones used in western countries.
To fail to be present on these channels often equals in being invisible to the eyes of this high-spending audience. Losing the opportunity to attract them towards your offer.

Chinese payment methods

The third barrier Chinese tourists face comes in the most crucial moment of all: checkout. Chinese people are used to payment methods different from westerners. Such as mobile instant payments like AliPay. Eggsist will enable you to attract more Chinese customers offering them cross-border solutions. Easy and efficient for both sides.

Alipay, the APP Marketing Solutions

Alipay is the first digital and mobile payment solution in the world, used by 87% Chinese consumers.
Up today, +300 million Chinese are using e-wallet payment solutions even during their travels abroad. Furthermore, with Alipay it is possible to create digital drive-to-store campaigns to attract Chinese consumers directly to their store.

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