We specialised in the development of integrated Ecommerce solutions in China. From product discovery to after sale customer service.

Your guide in the biggest Ecommerce market in the world

In 2017 Ecommerce sales in China surpassed 1.000 trillion USD, making it the world’s biggest Ecommerce market.

  • Setup your Ecommerce in China | EGGsist - China Management Consulting Firm

    Setup Online Store

    Eggsist supports you in the design of your Ecommerce strategy. Let us take care of the setup, optimization and maintenance of your WeChat Store. We will take care also of the localisation of contents and UX and the translation of product pages.

  • Logistic Strategy in China | EGGsist - China Management Consulting Firm

    Logistic Strategy

    Chinese end-users are used to a highly efficient logistic system. Thanks to our partner network we are able to guide you towards the most succesful logistic strategy to export in China.

  • Ecommerce Manager in China | EGGsist - China Management Consulting Firm

    Store Manager & Customer Service

    The ability to manage customer requests, orders and processes is what makes an Ecommerce stand out. Eggsist provides you with professional store managers specialised in various industries.

Cross-Border Ecommerce

In 2016 the value of cross-border Ecommerce alone in China was higher than 80 billions USD. Value that is expected to raise up to 300 billions USD by 2020. Eggsist can integrate end-to-end cross-border solutions. Our international team is able to provide you the right platform, logistic strategy, cross-border payment solution and IT integration.

Promotional Campaigns

A successful Ecommerce is an online store able to constantly at-
trach buyers. Eggsist is able to guide you in the realisation of
seasonal and promotional campaigns (flash sales, KOL, content
marketing, pop-up shops and much more) to support your sales.

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