O2O China Digital Package

Channels Description Pricing
Alipay Storefront set up +
Create your storefront on Alipay
and localize your business for
China audience
from 1,000£
Wechat Mini-program

WeChat shopping & travel experience
mini-program designed for tourist
attractions, retailers and hotels
Hospitality package from 2,500£
Shopping click & reserve from 6,900£(*)
WeChat CBEC miniprogram Cross Border eCommerce SaaS solution from 20,000£
KOL Chinese Key Opinion Leader
(KOL) is the most powerful
sales channel to communicate
with Chinese market
from 5,000£
Alipay Drive to store campaigns
and digital payment implementation
from 6,000£

*Pricing is to be considered + 6,000 £ for annual fee, hosting and maintenance

francescoAttract – O2O China Travel Package