Online China digital strategy

The Chinese social media and digital landscape keep moving at a breathtaking pace. Beyond the Great Firewall lies a unique online ecosystem made of various and different channels.

Essential for your business is to fully understand the Chinese consumers’ digital behaviors .
Before launching any marketing efforts you should know that:

  • influencers, or as they are called in China KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) are one of the most effective marketing methods able to support your business reaching and targeting potential Chinese consumers ;
  • Social-commerce is taking the place of regular e-commerce and if you aim at attracting Chinese shoppers’ attention you should include Little Redbook in your win strategy;
  • WeChat is more than a social media; it is a Business platform able to reach, engage and affiliate Chinese consumers;
  • Alipay is a Lifestyle Super APP , a drive to store platform by which brands and retailers can plan and design adv campaign .

Are you ready to enter into China's digital world?
Choose, plan and win your Chinese audience!

Channels Description Pricing
Weibo Weibo (微博) is a Chinese
social-commerce and microblogging
platform with more than
368 million registered users.
from 8,000£
Mafengwo Mafengwo (马蜂窝) is the
social-media-travel platform
used by more than 100
million millennials!
from 15,000£
Little Red book Little Red Book (小红书)
is the Chinese social commerce
and the trusted user generated
platform for retailers
and tourism industries.
from 6,000£
Wechat (OA) WeChat Service Official
Account, content management & adv services
from 8,000£
Alipay Alipay (支付宝) adv,
mini-programs and CBEC services
from 6,000£
*Pricing to be confirmed, according to specific project and request.
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