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Vincenzo BaldiBlog
  • Shanghai Shopping Festival: il rilancio dell’economia cinese

    Il Double 5 Shopping Festival, Shanghai Shopping Festival o così come lo chiamano i cinesi il “五五购物节” ha lo scopo di compensare le perdite di consumo dei mesi precedenti e scatenare un’ulteriore domanda di acquisto, facendo leva sugli strumenti digitali che sono stati fondamentali durante periodo di #lockdown.

  • The future of e-commerce: social-commerce

    Due to the unique digital landscape, China’s largest e-commerce platforms had to find a way to support brands with “Direct to Consumers” (DTC) e-commerce presence and it did it with the integration of social media + e-commerce = social commerce.
    According to this general overview, we can easily understand that the 2 players of this latest EGGsist digital match, are traditional e-commerce vs social-commerce.
    Let’s see together what social-commerce means and how it has changed the journey buyer and user interactions into e-commerce platforms.

  • Choose your China contact-less solutions

    During these days of in-store stalls, a lot of Italian companies are dealing with digital transformation but are them all well prepared?The traditional brick-and-mortar business models are still looking for their “way” to embrace digital technology to boost efficiency and improve the customer experience.

  • 1st match of EGGsist digital game: Live-streaming

    Recently, Chinese consumers’ habits have been “changed”! Although the outbreak, Western brands should keep on communicating with their Chinese consumers. The question loads of people are trying to answer to is “HOW”: how to engage them, how to “speak” with them?