2nd match: KOL marketing Vs Influencer marketing

The second match of our EGGsist digital game see on the field two players:

Chinese KOL vs influencer

Kol (Key Opinion Leader) or KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) are the effective communicators to sponsor and attract in-target audience to your brand or business. How?

Before talking about the KOL marketing strategy, let’s understand how the Chinese digital behavior is changing and why influencer marketing is no longer working in China.  

Starting from the origins of the two terms, we can understand how the culture, digital mindset and digital behavior play an important role in China’s digital advertising.

The term ‘Influencer’ was adopted for the first time in the early 1600’s and describes

“someone or something with the power to alter the beliefs of individuals, and as a result, impact the course of events”.

During the latest years, the term has become viral in Western brand strategy to influence the belief of consumers and attract them to buy a product or a service.

While the idea of KOL (Key Opinion Leader) born in 1940s it established a concept that:

“people could change their views and preferences more because of trusted figures in their networks than because of Some more conventional forces such as advertising”.

Taking into consideration these assertions, and the fact that Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated, with a fragmented social media landscape, it is, therefore, obvious that once you have the Chinese users’ attention it is harder to keep it.

What Does a KOL Do?

KOLs have a broader impact and influence over their audience. They are experts in their subject and possess due credibility in order to be relied upon.

Which are the best channel to do KOL marketing campaign?

WeChat 微信, TikTok 抖音, Weibo 微博, Xiahongshu 小红书, Bilibili 哔哩哔哩, Alipay 支付宝 and others.

KOL vs Influencer marketing for Women’s day

What big brands have done to celebrate the International Women’s day, which channels have chosen for China market and which KOL/Influencer has represented its campaign?

Nike celebrates the International Women Day on Western and Chinese channels!

Nike chooses WeChat and G.E.M for China market

再也没什么能阻挡, 我们和这个季节一起复苏

“Nothing can stop us, we will recover with this season!”

Nike uses the power of the women to say that at this particular moment China and all the women don’t give up!

On our Western social channels, instead, Nike chooses the figure as Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe and other iconic women for its powerful and inspirational ad campaign.

The clip, which comes in at just under one minute, features a narrator stating that one day females won’t need International Women’s Day because the playing field will be even!

In fact, the ad claim is “One day we won’t need this day

Besides other Chinese channels, Alipay is able to incorporate in its ecosystem all the related Alibaba’s channels and to drive the user to different branded promotion.

New york city page

On occasion of Women’s Day, Alipay came out with a dedicated landing page on different this. Here an example of NY city page on Alipay.

Pandora uses Michelle to promote its products and celebrate the women’s day!

Fred renominated jewelry brand, has chosen instead of the platform of Weibo to celebrate the Day and Olivia, or better known as 王子文, as KOL influencer.

Have you chosen your own platform and KOL for your next ad China campaign? Keep following us!


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2nd match: KOL marketing Vs Influencer marketing