What does Spring Festival mean to YOU?

    To ME: 

I have seen all kinds of people
I have seen the most beautiful scenery
The most touching view. 

I have heard the most enchanting sound.
The most emotional beat.
I have smelled winter drizzles and summer sweats. 
The perfume of spring and the romance of  winter..

But the most memorable of them all remains  
the unique scent of Family.

Life is a constant repetition of the seasons
What matters is that YOU believe 

Spring will come tomorrow.

Happy Chinese New Year by EGGsist

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What does Spring Festival mean to YOU?

3 weeks from China’s biggest Online Shopping Festival: 双十一 Double 11

    Few words about double 11 since 2009 became the most important online shopping festival in China. At first, it was created by eCommerce giant Alibaba (parent company of Tmall, Taobao, etc ) and it featured various products discounts with the excuse of giving more buying incentives to “single souls” (单身) in order to find their partners, since the November 11th is also the so-called “Single‘s Day” (光棍节). Soon after it rapidly became something way bigger.

Something more than just Shopping!

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3 weeks from China’s biggest Online Shopping Festival: 双十一 Double 11

China Golden Week

    China Golden Week is over and despite the normalization of covid-19 prevention and control measures, many Chinese are satisfied with how they spent these last 7 days of vacation.

    But does this general impression reflect the numbers? Although it may seem a cliché, but “the numbers don’t lie, and they don’t care about your feelings”.

    According to monitoring data from the Cultural Tourism China Data Center, the tourism market during this year’s national holiday has declined compared to the same period last year. The total number of people who travelled on railways, highways and through domestic flights across the country is estimated to be around 63.02 million, down 30.0% over the same period in 2019 and 3.1% over the same period. At Golden Week 2020.

    In addition, according to other statistics, during the national holiday (1-7 October), Chinese civil aviation carried a total of 9,291,400 passengers, with an average of 1.3 million passengers per day, almost 20% fewer. Compared to 2020; nationally, the number of domestic flights was 90,663 and the daily average is 12,952 flights a day, once again 11.27% lower than in 2020.

    The pandemic certainly played a key role in this decline, with a total of 682 million domestic tourists across the country in the seven days of Golden Week 2019, and domestic tourism revenue was 649.71 billion. In 2020, the country recorded 637 million domestic tourists and achieved domestic tourism revenue of 466.56 billion.

In the seven days of the Golden Week of 2021, a total of 551 million domestic tourists were received across the country and domestic tourism revenue was 389.06 billion. However, this reduction in consumption cannot be regarded as the decline in the level of consumption of the Chinese people but should be traced back to structural changes.

    Now let’s turn our attention to the e-commerce side. As people in today’s China can’t live without their apps, looking at the most common apps for payments and online shopping we can get a big picture of this year’s Golden Week performance from another perspective.

 Meituan released the “National Day 2021 Golden Week Consumption Trend Report”, which shows that the top 10 cities for food consumption during the National Day holiday this year are Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou and Changsha. Among them, Changsha is the newcomer this year.

Additionally, food-related consumer orders in Nanchang increased 128% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate among the country’s major cities. Last year, Wuhan, severely affected by the outbreak, grew 101% year-over-year.

    In conclusion, this year’s Golden Week by Chinese growth standards cannot be considered a success, but certainly the decline was lower than previously expected and this thanks to the buying power of Chinese consumers.

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China Golden Week

Let’s celebrate together the power of LOVE and the willingness to travel back all around the world.

Traveling together, visiting new places, discovering different cultures, trying local delicacies, all things that we used to take for granted, but now seem distant and foreign to us.

In China, and throughout Asia, Qixi Festival is a very important day (this year will be on 14.08.2021); a day in which people celebrate the triumph of love over the insurmountable difficulties that life can put in front of us!

 Let’s celebrate together the power of LOVE and the willingness to travel back all around the world.

☀️ #Happy summertime
♥️ #Happy 七夕

Directed by: Tao Chen & StudioVita films
Produced by: EGGsist

📌 Our offices will be closed from August 9th to August 26th for summer break.

#summer2021 #travel #digitalfuture

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Let’s celebrate together the power of LOVE and the willingness to travel back all around the world.

What does it mean to be born during the Ox year?

The Ox year is coming next week! Here’s just a brief cultural insight. Chinese zodiac signs tell a little about your personality, love, careers, and more. Let’s discover what does it mean to be born during the year of the ox.

If you are born, for example, in 2009, 1997, 1985, 1961, your sign is Ox.

You are honest, and you do not like to be at the center of attention. Besides, oxen feel a great responsibility towards their family. 

You are kind but, you can’t be persuaded very easily. Before taking action, you normally need to plan carefully: that’s why your sign is linked with the concept of success.

Do you recognize yourself in this description?

The Chinese zodiac is fundamental when it comes to communication and marketing, and launching your Chinese New Year related campaign can be your key strategy to increase your brand loyalty.

If you want to learn more about China and Marketing, dive into our insight page and get up to date with the latest trends.

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What does it mean to be born during the Ox year?

New trends in KOL 2021 marketing in China

A few key trends to watch for 2021 business in China:

Before thinking about this trend we mustn’t forget about the big shift towards e-Commerce and live-streaming as a key interactive and profitable way to attract users, make them interact with your brand and make them buy. 

You can of course organize your own livestreaming and make your employees your salesforce or you can take advantage of preexistent and loyal fan-bases by organizing KOL live streaming. Today here’s two key trends related to Douyin.

As you already know eCommerce + livestreaming is a formula thought to remain and be affirmed here’s some news: 

You have definitely heard about KOL, but have you ever heard about virtual KOL? 

Will they be able to beat the real ones? The latest trend in livestreaming is virtual KOL, a famous vocaloid (Luo Tianji) and one of the biggest livestreamer attracting over 3 million users. Those anime-like characters are more and more popular among gen-Zers on Douyin and other streaming platforms.

From Douyin here’s another novelty. KOLs tend to be young, attractive, and famous, but this time we’re dealing with silver foxes ( from 50 y.o.). Last year they proved to be good value since some of them (Grandma Wang) are followed by over 15 million followers and they can break over 800k US$ of product sold, during one live session.

They’re becoming popular among 18 and 35 aged users, especially because they seem more experienced and trustworthy. On the other hand, less obvious ambassadors can differentiate your brand or stress better about your legacy or heritage.

Douyin is absolutely one of the most engaging platforms for the Chinese audience, where new trends are formed, if you want your brand to take advantage of those new trends contact us and start with your brand new China strategy 2021 with EGGsist.

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New trends in KOL 2021 marketing in China