Double 11 + CBEC a secret formula to win the market

Are you ready for this year double11 online shopping festival? It’s just one month from now! But, why you should care about #chinese singles’ day?

Here are some key facts about Double11 or 光棍节 (guān gùn jié). 

Since 2009, when it was launched by Tmall, this shopping festival was record-breaking (Alizilla). 

In 2013 11.11 results surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined, and became the most important shopping festival in the world and in 2015 it went global.

Last year 11.11 generated  38.4 bln US$ in GMV, the highest selling record of all-time! 😲

Plus, over 200 thousand brands joined it and more than 1 million products were launched. 

11.11 produced 2.5 times bigger sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Generally speaking, online shopping festivals are the best opportunity to promote your brand through cross border eCommerce. 

Speaking of that, Secoo is the cross border dedicated to fashion & luxury, one of the most important platforms in China, which have combined traditional eCommerce with live streaming, or sale streaming. This is not just a selling channel, but an engaging and attractive media to let users know more about products and interact directly with them. 
Want to start your first #salestreaming? Contact us NOW to plan your cross border ecommerce + livestreaming strategy

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Double 11 + CBEC a secret formula to win the market

Why you should keep an eye on the Chinese Golden week?

Today people are celebrating one of the most important festivals in China, better known as 中秋节 (zhongqiu jie), or also called “Moon Festival”.  This year will be combined with the National Day, which is to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949! Starting from the 1st of October start an important week for the tourism industry the Golden Week.

If you want to know more about each Chinese festival don’t miss our #beyondCNY Chinese festivities report.

Why you should take into consideration these cultural celebrations? Discover it with our infographic down here:

Sources: Baidu, Globaltimes

Next step: identify the right channels!

Nowadays, Cross-Border and live streaming strategies become China’s most profitable form of communication able to support your brand in building a digital presence and drive revenue in the Chinese market.

EGGsist provides tailor-made solutions through the most popular social media, social commerce & fintech platforms such as Alipay, Secoo, WeChat, and many more to discover…

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Why you should keep an eye on the Chinese Golden week?