Ji Won Choi x Secoo powered by EGGsist

During double 12 celebration live streaming from 寺库 SECOO the first live into the Chinese market of Ji Won Choi, check out our backstage and meet the designer!

Ji says: “Through every garment, I wish to tell a story of cultural diversity and craftsmanship that I hope anyone can connect with. Each artisan and every small factory tell us a precious story of their own Country for us to learn, cherish, spread, honor, and respect. During this difficult period where people cannot freely travel fashion helps us all to remind,
celebrate and experience the beauty of diversity”.

In 2019, Ji Won Choi presented a two-part collection in collaboration with Adidas Originals at London Fashion Week, the collection has been worn by the likes of Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Karlie Kloss, and Jeffree Star.

Most recently, JI WON CHOI brought her vision NOMADIC/HERITAGE to Amazon Prime Video’s fashion competition show, MAKING THE CUT.

Thanks to Secoo Italia staff for the amazing performances!

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Ji Won Choi x Secoo powered by EGGsist

EGGsist at the International Seminar on Digital Trade & Innovation Resources Partnership

Thanks to 761C Space Beijing Technology Development Ltd and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology for inviting us at their event. Alice Di Diego, EGGsist Managing Partner, delivered her speech during the International Seminar on Digital Trade & Innovation Resources Partnership.

Today we’ve shown how effectively Western brands can use China digital social and fintech solutions to engage Chinese consumers. We showed how with Alipay international merchants can attract Chinese customers and sell to them O2O.

Implementing Huabei, the buy now and pay later fintech feature of Alipay, it’s an easier way to engage younger generations; over 100 million people born after the ‘80 and 90’ are currently using Huabei to make purchases in China, but this is also happening overseas! 
Want to know more about Alipay O2O Solutions? Just contact us!

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EGGsist at the International Seminar on Digital Trade & Innovation Resources Partnership

EGGsist at B2B Marketing Expo London 2020

What are the new China digital strategies?

From active promotion to active involvement: a new online strategy to engage your Chinese Audience and design a new interactive digital strategy!

Launch your products on China market: discover the Chinese live-streaming platforms and the engagement power of KOL

Boost your awareness: plan a strategic content on China Digital Channel

See now, buy now: Social Commerce and Chinese mini-program

Want to visit our stand? Just get your ticket and enjoy one of the biggest UK B2B focused event.

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EGGsist at B2B Marketing Expo London 2020

EGGsist at Hong Kong Trade Development Council

EGGsist is pleased to have been invited yesterday to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s event in Milan.

It has been an event on the occasion of the Year of the #Rat, a moment to meet experts in the sector, stay updated, and also talk about the impact of Coronavirus on the international business.

Gianluca Mirante –Direct Italy of the HKTDC – welcomed the guest and underlined that it was not a time to celebrate the Chinese New Year but an occasion to meet, talk and be together.

Mr.Mirante left the word to Mr. Eddie Cheung – the Special Representative for the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to the European Union.

We summed up the key-points of his speech:

– HTDK is closed to China people at this moment;
– The Coronavirus has hit the HK economy,
– According to the IMF, Hong Kong’s economy is expected to contract 1.9% this year
– HK Government has adopted special concessions to help companies hit by the Coronavirus (most affected sectors are transportation, hospitality, and tourism in general);
– HK Government has released 30 billion HKD to support businesses and families in HK and It has offered tax rebate benefits to help domestic consumption.

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EGGsist at Hong Kong Trade Development Council

EGGsist celebrated Rat’s year at Deodato Arte’s gallery

EGGsist celebrated the Year of the Rat 鼠 with an O2O Cocktail event!

This was an occasion to meet clients and partners and an opportunity to network and promote O2O (online to offline), a key strategy for Chinese digital marketing.

The event was held in the well known Deodato Arte Gallery in Milan, who thanks to EGGsist implemented Chinese mobile payment systems and joined the Alipay CNY Global Campaign  to offer discounts and coupons to Chinese users interested in modern and contemporary art.

During the event, the street artist Mr. Savethewall performed a live performance in celebration of the Year of the Rat  and the Italian jewelry brand Gioielli DOP, in partnership with EGGsist, launched an exclusive limited edition bracelet with a silver  little mouse charm.

Read here our press news by Deodato arte

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EGGsist celebrated Rat’s year at Deodato Arte’s gallery