直播 – Livestreaming Updates

#Ecommerce#livestreaming has experienced massive growth from late 2019 and became one of the most profitable #sales strategies. Many of you may be wondering: how long will this trend last? Are Chinese consumers more likely to move on to the next big trend?

Not really! Few figures to picture the actual potential of this channel:

#Coresight estimates that #livecommerce GMV in China will reach $305 billion this year.
#iResearch predicts that it will account for 15% of total #ecommerce sales.

There’s something now happening in #China that is leveling the #shopping#experience and how #Chinese#consumers want to be engaged. It may sound familiar to you these two words: #gamification and #AR!

On #TaobaoLive, for example, consumers can follow a brand or live streamers’ account to earn points which can be exchanged for coupons or special offers on #taobao and #tmall.

Another way to make the live shopping experience more fun is with AR. On #wechat, viewers while watching a beauty brand live stream can click an icon to enter a beauty mirror mini-program and virtually try on the products showcased during the stream.

An alternative practice is to hold product #giveaways to incentivize viewers to show up right when the broadcast starts and stay through the end.

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直播 – Livestreaming Updates

白色情人节: White San Valentine’s Day

Do Chinese people celebrate just one #Valentine’s Day?

The answer, as many of you already know, is not really!
In fact, in China, there are six different occasions to celebrate lovers. Now, we are getting closer to another one: guess what it is?

…One little hint: today we’re talking about #白色情人节.

In Asian countries, 14th March, known as #White Valentine’s Day (or White Day), is an occasion for women to gift their male others.

There are several versions of the #holiday’s origin, which was firstly in Japan, in 1977 precisely, but they all more or less focus on creating a #festival to encourage consumption in the name of love.

At the very beginning, the festival has spread to South Korea and Taiwan. Then, it gained a foothold in mainland #China.

From that moment, loads of #brands have caught the opportunity that this gifting holiday offers, just as they did with Chinese Valentine’s Day Qixi.

This year, how did brands hit on a strategy to get more consumers?

Keep following us and don’t forget to visit our website (link in comment) to discover more about our services and launch your digital marketing campaign in China!

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白色情人节: White San Valentine’s Day

女王节 3.8 Queen’s Day

Before we dive into the marketing campaigns now live across various channels and platforms, it’s important to understand the context of International Women’s Day in China!

International Women’s Day has been recognized in China since 1949. But the day’s significance has moved away from female empowerment for the country’s e-commerce retailers over recent years – who brand the day asQueen’s Day’ or ‘Goddess Day’. Check this carousel to understand more 

Goddess Day 女王节 or Queen’s Day?

Every year, China celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, but it has devolved into a prime time for online sales campaigns and advertising rather than a moment to celebrate the achievements of women.

In fact, 妇女节 (fùnǚjié) has become one of the most attractive national shopping holidays, also known as Goddess Day 女王节 or Queens Day

A pleasant excuse to 买买买 (buy)!

How eCommerce platforms react to this online shopping event?

Every major e-commerce platform and brand holds sales promotions to commemorate the occasion.

Why is it so important? Women’s Day kicks off the post-ChineseNew Year season and acts as a good barometer for consumer spending

Interesting to watch how Chinese marketplaces are supporting international brands in reaching Chinese consumers’ attention.
Digital red envelopes and live streaming format are a not-to-be-missed opportunity, one of the most popular forms of social commerce and consumer-facing digital innovations

Most of them put a strong effort into exclusive membership plans to build platform loyalty and give their members even more benefits. It is the case of @Secoo, which offers the opportunity to receive a cashback of 300 yuan after total spending of 2000yuan

Secoo Membership exclusive activities & Live-streaming sessions with promo coupon

Eager shopping consumers have also the chance to join thousands of live streaming sessions hosted all around the globe and purchase their most wanted items.

It all started with pre-sale activities!
On the Tmall pre-sale activities were officially rolled out on March 2nd

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女王节 3.8 Queen’s Day

10 years of WeChat history

Since 2011, WeChat has revolutionized the way Chinese people communicate and use digital devices. We want to celebrate a decade of WeChat influence with this EGGsist insight, which dives into the growth strategy that led to its milestones and aspirational achievements

Let’s check how this APP grew to be one of the most popular social media globally, scaling from 0 to more than over 1 billion users in just ten years!


And the story goes…

It all started with an email Allen Zhang 张小龙 sent to Tencent CEO, Pony Ma 马化腾… 

January 2011

A Social-tech Goliath is born!

On January 21st, 2011, Weixin 微信 was officially launched in China as a simple messaging and photo-sharing app. Can you guess how many engineers were involved in this “bold” project? Just seven! A few months after launch, it became an instant hit, and in the short span of 433 days, it reached over 100 million registered users!

A couple of months later, some features debuted online like optimized video clips sharing and the famous and highly discussed “shake” a.k.a. “find nearby”.

Just shake your smartphone and discover new friends around you can chat with!

April 2012: 

A new feature at the center stage: Moments 

From that “moment”, users could share their experiences, memories through messages, photos, and videos.

Tencent WeChat goes global

It is the exact time when the team realizes the importance of expanding their business internationally. By changing the name from Weixin to WeChat, this intention was quite explicit: now the APP is available in English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Portuguese languages. 

July 2012:

Tencent opens up WeChat to brands accounts

In the same year, Wechat Official Account was launched. It was also a unique occasion for international businesses to leap on board and interact with a massive audience.

How could brands encourage new potential consumers to follow them? By scanning QR codes, of course. 

 After only 6 months, a 200 million registered user target was achieved. Its communication capabilities were enhanced by video and audio call features.

WeChat moments and Official Account

August 2013:

Welcome to a new era of digital payment!

In August, WeChat Pay finally debuted online: the mobile payments feature was launched, which turn WeChat into one of the biggest cashless payment apps!

At the end of the year, WeChat promoted the app worldwide with a big campaign with TV ads and out-of-home billboards, involving star system celebrities such as the famous football player Messi.

January 2014:

Digital Hongbaos gamble 

Alongside payment features, WeChat developers thought of a simple, yet effective way to rethink one of the oldest Chinese traditions: digital hongbao (red envelopes) straight on your smartphone! The first try skyrocketed: more than half a billion RMB worth of red envelopes were sent out.

May 2014:

Another big move for the Chinese tech giant: WeChat store

Another feature is about to rollout: it’s time for WeChat stores to shine. From May 2014, any brand account can open its built-in shop.

January 2015 

A new promotional form to compete for users attention

That year started with the launch of ads inside the Moments section: brands can now build promotions!

In March, WeChat reached the half a billion users milestone.

Fun fact: over 400 million people are using Mini programs daily by 2020. What is even more exceptional is that the annual transaction via mini-programs exceed US$ 240 billion 


Overseas, let’s scan and pay!

WeChat pay goes global: now Chinese tourists can scan QR codes and pay just as in their home country when traveling overseas.

January 2017

Did you say mini-programs?

Mini programs launched, this sophisticated and innovative feature transformed WeChat as OS per se. In just a few months, thousands of brands started building their mini-program. 2017 is also important because WeChat launched its search engine.


Can’t get enough of WeChat!

WeChat continues to improve, establish records and get over one billion monthly active users on the platform.

WeChat history part 1 from 2015 til 2021


The Super APP empowered moments with its new Instagram-like stories feature.

January 2020

Let’s make…a video with WeChat Channel

WeChat broadens its horizons with a new feature labeled “Channel”, where users can explore media accounts, videos from brands, stars, and celebrities.

Last but not least: WeChat made its search engine more powerful than ever by the acquisition of Sougou, and reached over 1.17 billion.

January 2021:

Mission accomplished

The Super APP gets more social vibes with the new Live Streaming feature. Will it be the start of a new era for the “chatting” app?

Here’s the last fun fact: since 2011, WeChat splash screen, called Blue Marble, is a photo of the planet earth shot during the Seventies, showing the African continent. This has never changed until 2017. Now, the Chinese version of the app shows the eastern Asian continent picture, taken by a Chinese satellite.

Nowadays, WeChat plays a fundamental role in Chinese people’s daily life.

  • Advertising
  • Store
  • Payments
  • Cross-border eCommerce
  • Search
  • KOL marketing
  • Customer service
  • Moments

Those are just some of the main functionalities offered by the app.

So, what’s your take? 

You can’t miss the unique opportunity to connect with over one billion potential customers, build more interactive and personalized shopping experiences, that is eventually what Chinese consumers are eager for!

With EGGsist, you can start turning your brand into a WeChat superstar by building your unique identity on the app and get in touch with thousands of potential customers.

Plus, you can push content directly through programmatic ads on the sections built-in WeChat, or sell within your store. Possibilities are endless!

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10 years of WeChat history

3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. In less than one month will start the Ox year (牛年) and we’ll say goodbye to the little mouse (鼠鼠). Here are three key things to watch to getting prepared for this CNY 2020.

Niche brands

Being a small brand could be an initial obstacle, but recent research has shown that this could be a strength when considering to approach a new market.

The word #小众  (Xiǎo zhòng, niche) have been searched over one million times on RED Chinese equivalent of Instagram and now Chinese users are eager to discover new brands and unique yet more distinguishable products.

Social Commerce

It’s not a secret that social media are great to promote products or brands, and eCommerce is great when it comes to selling. What about if we combine them both?

 Say hello to social commerce!

iiMedia Research have predicted that in 2022 social commerce will impact for over 300 bn US$ (273 GBP), and more recommendations will come through interactive media. That’s why in order  to succeed, brands  presence in major Chinese Social network such as WeChat, RED or Douyin is simply quintessential!

One of the most well known social commerce platforms is Little Red Book, born as a platform where users shared reviews on all sorts of things ranging from clothes to food to tourism, it has since delved into the world of social commerce as users can find out about products and purchase them directly on the app.


Fintech is  growing with a predicted value of about 310 bn US$ (230 bn GBP), and a big innovation comes with Alipay superapp . From the fintech world the app has evolved as a digital lifestyle app and with new services such as Huabei, CBEC solutions and livestreaming has made it simple to pay instalment and attract many new customers using digital marketing tools.

This is just a little part of our report about new marketing strategies to enter chinese market, such as taking advantage of Chinese commercial and traditional festival sales momentums.

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3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

2021 China Big Trends

We love looking forward, and this is the right time to talk about a few new trends that will shape next year’s China Marketing!

2020 have reshaped the world and built some new habits, that will be the new normal starting with the vcommerce.

5G faster expanding, allowing better streaming quality in China will transform video into the gateway for Conversions with Salestreaming growing increasingly. 

Plus a Douyin new feature called in-video search, will make contents searchable and shoppable, that’s going to be a great opportunity for KOL and #brands.

If live-streaming boomed this year, next year this would be the new normal

This year 11.11 showed that this trend isn’t just fading away, but that is here to stay. New reports from EqualOcean stated that the live streaming market could grow up to 12 billion US$.

KOL and live streaming are going to be the most successful formula, KOL Social Commerce will rise up to 35% YoY and during 2021 forecasted GMV about 22 billion US$.

Do you want to take advantage of those opportunities? Just contact us and we can help you to find the best solutions for you. 
Source: Parklu

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2021 China Big Trends