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China Gaming Industry

CChina’s gaming industry remains a global powerhouse, boasting significant growth in mobile gaming revenue and expanding international presence. Super apps such as Alipay are diversifying their services to include gaming experiences across China. 🎮 China takes the top spot for number of gamers, totaling 668 million people. From 2024 to 2029 the Chinese gaming sector

China’s anti-aging market is booming !

China’s anti-aging market is booming due to factors like an aging population, increasing wealth, and cultural emphasis on youthful appearance. This growth spans skincare innovations, medical procedures, and supplements, offering significant opportunities for both domestic and foreign players amidst evolving regulations and consumer trends. — to read the full article click the image below👇 This

‘Get to know asian consumers’

The article ‘Get To Know the Asian Consumers of 2024’ posted recently on Retail in Asia website, discusses the findings of a survey conducted across Asian markets focusing on the perceptions of luxury brands among Asian consumers amidst global instability and economic uncertainties. Major trends that emerged from the report: 🛍️Value Appreciation: There is a

Wordline Italia – a pool of digital savvies, gathered together at this interesting event

Yesterday a pool of digital savvies, gathered together at this interesting event in Milan organized by Worldline Italia, featuring the Alipay+ data, solutions and market insights and Global Blue Italia latest survey results and shopping trends. Do you want to discover more about digital payments and in APP marketing solutions O2O? EGGsist, OfficialAlipay+ Marketing Partner,

Alibaba Film Industry, With the recent conclusion of the Oscars

the entertainment business has been a very hot topic in the media! It’s very common for Chinese films, filmmakers, or actors to have a presence at the Oscars, whether through nominations or participation in various categories. 🎬 Recently, Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is set to undergo a transformative wave, fueled by Alibaba’s ambitious investment plans.