Ludovica Dallera

China Golden Week

    China Golden Week is over and despite the normalization of covid-19 prevention and control measures, many Chinese are satisfied with how they spent these last 7 days of vacation.     But does this general impression reflect the numbers? Although it may seem a cliché, but “the numbers don’t lie, and they don’t care about

Dubai Expo 2020

 The World Expo is an exhibition of the World, an international fair designed to showcase each nation’s greatest achievements. Truly a moment to celebrate earth and us.      Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was selected to host the next World Expo in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was postponed to 2021 and now is

Be digital choose EGGsist: your digital partner for the Chinese market

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Why June 18th (618) became a Shopping Festival?

What is 618?  618 is the second largest and most important Shopping Festival in China. Every year from June 1st till June  18th , China’s e-commerce landscape is filled with large-scale promotional activities and discounts on the hottest products of the moment.  Why June 18th (618) became a Shopping Festival?     June 18th  is the

520 Chinese Internet Valentine’s Day

Are numbers just numbers? Well, not really. Everyone has their own favorite number, it could be a birthday date, your wedding day, a number that brought you luck in the past, wherever the reason may be, one thing is certain is that they are not just simple numbers for us.        Chinese people also do