Tiktok vs. Douyin, which are the main differences?

Maybe you’ve heard that “Douyin is not Tiktok” even if they look almost the same. There’s a fundamental difference for Chinese users of 抖音 (Douyin) there’s plenty of incredible features and great opportunities for brands to shine in the Chinese market!

Douyin growth in China seems unstoppable. Still being the most downloaded app in China, has recently crossed the 828 million monthly active user milestone (eMarketer) and over 600 million daily active users. This is considered one of the most engaging platforms with millions of content uploaded by enthusiast users.

Bytedance’s TikTok is a great engagement tool, but on the other hand, Douyin is much more, for example, you can give rewards to the best creators, this is called “Mission for All”. 

Douyin is becoming one of the biggest social commerce platform with tools for brands including not only advertising but also brand pages, eCommerce inside Douyin and so much more. Not to mention live streaming and sale streaming experiences built-in the platform.

So how can brands take advantage of this huge platform?

Today, we want also to give you some useful tips on Douyin and the right marketing strategies you need to adopt:

Create a lot of creative content: marketing on Douyin is an important step to take! High engaging campaigns can support you in reaching a wide and targeted audience thanks to open splash, brand takeover or top view ad. Those can grant a whopping increase in brand awareness and boost purchase intention.

Collaborate with KOL and medium sized influencers (KOC). This is quintessential in order to reach a wider audience. Some big names like Luo Yonghao garnered over 48 million views and his live streaming session generated over 16 million US$ in revenue. On the other hand, good KOC strategy can result in higher ROI.

Promote hashtag challenge: those can generate a ripple effect, and can make users generate UCG. For example Michel Kors contents view topped 5 million views and the challenge involved over 30k users, who created their own contents.
If you want to know more about Douyin and how it can help your business, don’t forget to check our report beyondCNY.

Tiktok vs. Douyin, which are the main differences?
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