Luca Santambrogio

What does it mean to be born during the Ox year?

The Ox year is coming next week! Here’s just a brief cultural insight. Chinese zodiac signs tell a little about your personality, love, careers, and more. Let’s discover what does it mean to be born during the year of the ox. If you are born, for example, in 2009, 1997, 1985, 1961, your sign is Ox.

10 years of WeChat history

Since 2011, WeChat has revolutionized the way Chinese people communicate and use digital devices. We want to celebrate a decade of WeChat influence with this EGGsist insight, which dives into the growth strategy that led to its milestones and aspirational achievements.  Let’s check how this APP grew to be one of the most popular social

3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. In less than one month will start the Ox year (牛年) and we’ll say goodbye to the little mouse (鼠鼠). Here are three key things to watch to getting prepared for this CNY 2020. Niche brands Being a small brand could be an initial obstacle, but recent research has

New trends in KOL 2021 marketing in China

A few key trends to watch for 2021 business in China: Before thinking about this trend we mustn’t forget about the big shift towards e-Commerce and live-streaming as a key interactive and profitable way to attract users, make them interact with your brand and make them buy.  You can of course organize your own livestreaming

Discover the biggest Chinese taxfree island: Sanya

In 2020, despite pandemic hurdles, the travel shopping industry in China resumed growth, already from Q2; in fact,  from the beginning of May (Labour day holidays), there were over 80 million people travelling domestically, while during the Golden Week holidays (first week of October) over 637 million people travelled and spent over 68.8 bn US$. 

2021 China Big Trends

We love looking forward, and this is the right time to talk about a few new trends that will shape next year’s China Marketing! 2020 have reshaped the world and built some new habits, that will be the new normal starting with the vcommerce. 5G faster expanding, allowing better streaming quality in China will transform