What’s a WeChat store?

According to China Internet Watch, online retail sales in Q3 2020 exceeded 8 trillion yuan, a year over year growth of 9.7%.

But that’s not the end of good news: since January 2020, over 6 trillion yuan worth of goods were sold online, accounting for over 24% growth YoY. The rapid advancement of digital reality has ushered in a new age of social selling, strongly combined with creative ways of interactions: one example, the cross border eCommerce

Today we’re talking about WeChat eCommerce, a successful strategy that leverages the latest technologies and allows brands to achieve three keys elements: conversion, engagement, and value. In fact, it is possible to create a unique shopping experience with a customer-focused approach, position your brand, and tell to Chinese consumers your own story. More interestingly, allowing them to discover your products and purchase them, has never been so easy!

Let’s create then, new opportunities together: our WeChat store solution includes UI Design, contents plan, and marketing adv activities. Contact us.

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What’s a WeChat store?
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