12.12 is more than another shopping festival

Between Christmas and Double 11, the shopping season secret is  Double 12 (双十二). 

So many brands are ignoring this big opportunity, but here’s why you should get this commercial festival into consideration:

12.12 makes e-tailers and C2C users to take advantage of the double11 sales craze. eCommerce platforms such as Secoo and Taobao promoted their product with heavy discounts and hot deals.

This year 12.12 promoted heavily O2O, Chinese users got big discounts on Alipay digital payment super app. Kantar reports a steady 19% growth in online to offline platforms in China.

We can’t forget the live streaming. This year Douyin organized a 12.12 dedicated all-day event. 12.12 related videos were played over 750 times during one day.

Together with Christmas (圣诞节), 12.12 is the last 2020 shopping festival, and it’s just 8 weeks before Chinese New Year (春节), which on 2021 will be celebrated on February 12th.

For retailers & online platforms, now it’s the best time to get ready for CNY and all the upcoming shopping festivals! 

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12.12 is more than another shopping festival
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