2021 China Big Trends

We love looking forward, and this is the right time to talk about a few new trends that will shape next year’s China Marketing!

2020 have reshaped the world and built some new habits, that will be the new normal starting with the vcommerce.

5G faster expanding, allowing better streaming quality in China will transform video into the gateway for Conversions with Salestreaming growing increasingly. 

Plus a Douyin new feature called in-video search, will make contents searchable and shoppable, that’s going to be a great opportunity for KOL and #brands.

If live-streaming boomed this year, next year this would be the new normal

This year 11.11 showed that this trend isn’t just fading away, but that is here to stay. New reports from EqualOcean stated that the live streaming market could grow up to 12 billion US$.

KOL and live streaming are going to be the most successful formula, KOL Social Commerce will rise up to 35% YoY and during 2021 forecasted GMV about 22 billion US$.

Do you want to take advantage of those opportunities? Just contact us and we can help you to find the best solutions for you. 
Source: Parklu

2021 China Big Trends
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