Mid-autumn festival from legend one of the most beloved Chinese is evolving

Everyone is now gearing for one of the most celebrated festivals in China, better known as 中秋节, or also called Moon festival

Like many other cultural celebrations, Mid-Autumn Festival is shrouded in myth: the most popular one is the love story between Chang’e 嫦娥 and Hou Yi 后羿.

This occasion takes place annually on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, and this year, we are celebrating it on October 1st!

Usually, it is celebrated by reuniting with family over dinner, admiring the full moon, and exchanging traditional mooncakes (月饼), another symbol for reunions, with friends and loved ones.

That’s why even nowadays, the Mooncake tradition is very important in China. This little sweet represents the family union, also known as 关系 (guānxì). On this day people worship the moon by offering food and praying together. Plus they use to give cakes as a present to relatives, friends, or colleagues as a subtle way to cement relationships.

In recent years, more and more foreign brands, including the food & beverage industry, have started to appreciate the significance and potential of this holiday and many have created special mooncake gift boxes to celebrate the festival. One of the famous examples is Starbucks: every year they promote an exclusive limited edition really appreciated by Chinese customers

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Mid-autumn festival from legend one of the most beloved Chinese is evolving
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