Why SEA in China is important for your China strategy?

Why should you double-down on China’s digital marketing strategies this year? Despite a general stagnant situation, China has found its way to “recover” and start to grow again. In fact, Chinese shoppers spent big during the Golden week holiday and this has an important consequence: consumptions are back on the mend! This is not only good news for the internal market but something interesting for western brands too. 

Sales from foreign imported goods have been soaring up to 79% during the eight-day period on the main Chinese eCommerce channels. That’s a great chance for anyone who wants to make a shift in its business and start selling in the biggest online shopping market in the world!

A good action you should take in order to seize this big opportunity is to build your digital presence in China. How? It all starts with an optimized translated website and a well-built SEA and programmatic adv strategy. 

With EGGsist you’re covered, thanks to our localization and website adv campaign services you will have the chance to reshape and strengthen your business in China. If you are looking to discover new opportunities overseas contact us  

Why SEA in China is important for your China strategy?
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