3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. In less than one month will start the Ox year (牛年) and we’ll say goodbye to the little mouse (鼠鼠). Here are three key things to watch to getting prepared for this CNY 2020.

Niche brands

Being a small brand could be an initial obstacle, but recent research has shown that this could be a strength when considering to approach a new market.

The word #小众  (Xiǎo zhòng, niche) have been searched over one million times on RED Chinese equivalent of Instagram and now Chinese users are eager to discover new brands and unique yet more distinguishable products.

Social Commerce

It’s not a secret that social media are great to promote products or brands, and eCommerce is great when it comes to selling. What about if we combine them both?

 Say hello to social commerce!

iiMedia Research have predicted that in 2022 social commerce will impact for over 300 bn US$ (273 GBP), and more recommendations will come through interactive media. That’s why in order  to succeed, brands  presence in major Chinese Social network such as WeChat, RED or Douyin is simply quintessential!

One of the most well known social commerce platforms is Little Red Book, born as a platform where users shared reviews on all sorts of things ranging from clothes to food to tourism, it has since delved into the world of social commerce as users can find out about products and purchase them directly on the app.


Fintech is  growing with a predicted value of about 310 bn US$ (230 bn GBP), and a big innovation comes with Alipay superapp . From the fintech world the app has evolved as a digital lifestyle app and with new services such as Huabei, CBEC solutions and livestreaming has made it simple to pay instalment and attract many new customers using digital marketing tools.

This is just a little part of our report about new marketing strategies to enter chinese market, such as taking advantage of Chinese commercial and traditional festival sales momentums.

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3 secret to getting prepared for the year of the ox

12.12 is more than another shopping festival

Between Christmas and Double 11, the shopping season secret is  Double 12 (双十二). 

So many brands are ignoring this big opportunity, but here’s why you should get this commercial festival into consideration:

12.12 makes e-tailers and C2C users to take advantage of the double11 sales craze. eCommerce platforms such as Secoo and Taobao promoted their product with heavy discounts and hot deals.

This year 12.12 promoted heavily O2O, Chinese users got big discounts on Alipay digital payment super app. Kantar reports a steady 19% growth in online to offline platforms in China.

We can’t forget the live streaming. This year Douyin organized a 12.12 dedicated all-day event. 12.12 related videos were played over 750 times during one day.

Together with Christmas (圣诞节), 12.12 is the last 2020 shopping festival, and it’s just 8 weeks before Chinese New Year (春节), which on 2021 will be celebrated on February 12th.

For retailers & online platforms, now it’s the best time to get ready for CNY and all the upcoming shopping festivals! 

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12.12 is more than another shopping festival

Double 11 2020 impressive record

Double 11 2020 has been extremely successful. Performances have surpassed expectations, over 74 bn US$ GMV were generated. All payments were processed through Alipay. And Over 30k international brands were involved, this was the biggest online shopping ever in the world. 

Over 2 million new products were being launched, twice as much compared to 2019 

11.11 confirms being the best moment for brands to launch new products and increase their awareness. This year the key was luxury, instead of being a discount-centric festivity, big brands like Coach, Hermes, Kenzo and many more took part in the biggest shopping event ever.

11.11 is looking more like a long-awaited event since big stars are taking part in Single’s day’s 2020 celebration. In 2019 Taylor Swift amazed the Chinese audience with her performance, this year Katy Perry and Jackie Chan will take part in the show aired just a few hours before 11.11 start. 

Livestreaming is becoming international. During this year’s 11.1, celebrities as former basketball player Magic Johnson and world-wide famous singer Taylor Swift have broadcast their own live streaming sessions.

This was by far the biggest online event ever, but this was a great time for retail shops too: over 210k offline retails participated and offered special coupons via the Alipay app.

Plus, the biggest Chinese fintech super app will help offline retailers to attract customers with special discounts in over 100 cities.

That’s why your marketing strategy can’t miss in Inland China, want to learn more? Just contact us!

Source: Alizila

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Double 11 2020 impressive record

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There’s more beyond Chinese New Year – Get our Business FREE guide

A shopping lover festival for lovers, 520 Valentine’s day

In Chinese, numbers can communicate an entire message!
For example, on the 20th of May in China, lovers celebrate their day. Why?

“520” is another Valentine Day in China because it sounds phonetically very close to “I Love You”, 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ). But when you pronounce it, make sure to say each word individually, because saying 5 五 “wǔ” and 20 二十 “èr shí” doesn’t work the same! Also, be careful not to mix it up with 525 “五二五“(èrbǎiwǔ) because instead of expressing your love, it means idiot, stupid.

If you like the idea of communicating in numbers, you can also take note of another expression 5201314! Why? If 520 means love, 1314 represents 一生一世 yīshēng yīshì (for a lifetime). So, if you say 5201314, you’re saying “I love you for a lifetime”.

Do you want to know what the main brands have done for this festival?
In this period, brands are pushing on selling online and the platform for livestreaming as LittleRedBook (RED), or social commerce as 得物(Dé wù) or 微 Weibo and KOL marketing or video promotion on WeChat mini-program are becoming the pillar of the Chinese marketing campaign.

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A shopping lover festival for lovers, 520 Valentine’s day