Luca Santambrogio

12.12 is more than another shopping festival

Between Christmas and Double 11, the shopping season secret is  Double 12 (双十二).  So many brands are ignoring this big opportunity, but here’s why you should get this commercial festival into consideration: 12.12 makes e-tailers and C2C users to take advantage of the double11 sales craze. eCommerce platforms such as Secoo and Taobao promoted their

Ji Won Choi x Secoo powered by EGGsist

During double 12 celebration live streaming from 寺库 SECOO the first live into the Chinese market of Ji Won Choi, check out our backstage and meet the designer! Ji says: “Through every garment, I wish to tell a story of cultural diversity and craftsmanship that I hope anyone can connect with. Each artisan and every small factory

What’s a WeChat store?

According to China Internet Watch, online retail sales in Q3 2020 exceeded 8 trillion yuan, a year over year growth of 9.7%. But that’s not the end of good news: since January 2020, over 6 trillion yuan worth of goods were sold online, accounting for over 24% growth YoY. The rapid advancement of digital reality

How to GOLIVE? The latest solution for live streaming shopping by EGGsist is here!

Nowadays retail and digital channels need to team up to reach the same goals! EGGsist, can support you to make it happen directly from your points of sales or showrooms; thanks to our advanced technology you could reach a wider target audience and boost your O2O turnover! Let’s discover it together… And there’s more… Live Shopping Experience  Easy integration with your

Tiktok vs. Douyin, which are the main differences?

Maybe you’ve heard that “Douyin is not Tiktok” even if they look almost the same. There’s a fundamental difference for Chinese users of 抖音 (Douyin) there’s plenty of incredible features and great opportunities for brands to shine in the Chinese market! Douyin growth in China seems unstoppable. Still being the most downloaded app in China,

Double 11 2020 impressive record

Double 11 2020 has been extremely successful. Performances have surpassed expectations, over 74 bn US$ GMV were generated. All payments were processed through Alipay. And Over 30k international brands were involved, this was the biggest online shopping ever in the world.  Over 2 million new products were being launched, twice as much compared to 2019